New roads less traveled

There’s a way of noticing what the world around us really needs, how it dovetails with what you or I really need.

A spirit-led path seems to open at the intersection of those 2 layers of the same need.

The identification of the collective needs by individual conscious attention seems to create a certain “law of attraction” that influences events to spontaneously occur, and that path towards meeting those needs is the path towards being THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world.

Global Change Movement. Motivating the Change. Thomas Tortorich, author & speaker.

The path seems to appeal to others who are working on similar projects and then, to other people who support the collectivism of the project. there’s a feeling of maybe there’s an Akashik Atlas in the field, and new roads are being labeled all the time.

New roads less traveled. New paths to be the change, wide enough for many of us to walk together along and combine our collective energies.

There are a few keys to finding the opening of the path, and then a few “tests” to be allowed to pass through the gateless gate, to use the Taoist metaphor.

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