As Alan Watts says: “Give it away and it comes back!”

When I lived in Boulder, I bought myself a boomerang. I have enjoyed learning to throw the boomerang and getting it to come back to me. You have to throw it at a 45 degree angle, and flick your wrist ~ oddly similar to throwing a sidearm curveball in baseball a way. The technique doesn’t matter so much to the story. It’s fun. I taught myself how to do it.

I had a few boomerangs. The blue one disappeared …. not sure where it went, some other dimension. The red one got stuck in a tree. But the funny three-pointed boomerang, now there’s a odd story, indeed!

One afternoon in Boulder, I threw that one, and it was very very windy. And the wind took the thing, and it went sailing up up and away. I watched it disappear into the wind and into the clouds ~ that thing was gone, no doubt about it.

I liked to play with the boomerangs at a baseball field close to the place I was staying. The next afternoon, I went out again to the field, and, believe it or not, the boomerang that had sailed up, up and away into the clouds, was right there, on the ground … exactly in the spot I had launched it from. Too weird to be true. But there it was!

Now, last month or so, I took that same boomerang out to the park in kansas city, and threw it pretty good. It didn’t come back to me, and I lost it in the sun. I have no idea where it flew to. I lost it, it was gone. I searched the ground all around, but it was gone.

Today (no I didn’t find it again, just wait!) …. I was out in the park, and I heard I was supposed to go back to where I threw the boomerang. Well, I walked there, and in the exact spot where I threw it from (or very very close), I found an ATM receipt.

I find ATM receipts from time to time ~ kind of like finding pennies. Not all that uncommon.

But this one was a very good omen ~ especially, like I say, because of where I found it. The ATM balance listed on said  deposit: $8,800; funds available: $75,000.

Well you don’t come across an ATM receipt like that everyday!
Especially since this morning I just said I wanted to do an event in March and earn $7,500 from it.

So, what do you make of that?
My boomerang turned into a good omen.I’m going to keep that receipt somewhere safe…..

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