The Unconditional Lover

I believe this year, you helped truly teach me what unconditional love is, both to give and to receive.

I believe that when two humans mate (or make love, to use the colloquial), our energies, and essence shifts and shapes the other if we are receptive ~ if it is the right person.

However short or long, a season of love, as say the lyrics from Rent, a season of love lasts forever, regardless of how it manifests in the physical expression of time.

I am embarking on a new relationship these days ~ we’ve had 3 dates and a sleepover. I find it vey true that the essence I bring into all of that, includes you. How very uncommon in today’s world of lovers and leavers.

Unconditional love has so many layers:
like a cake …. the essence of the flavor lingers long after it is savored.

So many times in this experience we call life, we regret the things unsaid, undone, unlearned, or, the worst, under-appreciated.

I prefer the word “appreciation” to gratitude.

For, I have found, that what we appreciate, appreciates (grows greater).

We lay in the grass in the park, at first, awkward together, but grounding right after getting together and stepping off the plane.

You drive a car that reminds me of a former lover, and I know, you are an intricate part of the tapestry of this experience we call life.

We took a bubble bath (my first in a long time!)

The warm water released my physical pain;

Bathing inside you, a blessing, so deep, that you would share your True You.

I am grateful for you, dear lover.

I feel so complete.

I feel so complete.

So many relationships end open-ended.

For my part, I don’t feel that way about you.

Our relationship felt like a symphony, a beautiful beginning, such a beautiful arch.

There’s nothing I’d do differently.

And I would definitely listen to that symphony again.

And if it is never played again, that’s simply because it linguers so perfectly that it simply could never be recreated.

My prayer would be that others could experence what we learned from other: how to have an unconditional lover.

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