~Thanks to Alan Watts, in part, for helping me channel this material.~


         The beliefs that we hold, which were inherited and learned, create the world we experience around us in 2 ways:

        1) We are drawn to other people who share the same beliefs, and our agreement about those things reinforces them, and causes them to become real ~ manifest. Magnetizing other people (and opportunities) consistent with your beliefs is easiest in a civilization with critical mass. For example, if you want to take a yoga class in a very small town, you may or may not find one. If you wish to do this in any sized city, it’s part of our culture, so it’s easy. This is the law of attraction, in the rubber-hits-the-road sense. There is a higher “magical” sense of this in which, if you are looking for a Yoga class, it tends to find you first, if you aren’t looking too hard. Or, rather, you tend to find each other ~ this implies that consciousness is a magnet, and that the teacher of the class best suited to you attracts you, as much as you attract them. This implies, also, that consciousness is “fractal” ~ because the yoga class best suited to you finds you, not just any class. However, if you are not in “perfect alignment” then you first find a class that’s not well suited to you, and your experiece becomes a series of “successive approximations” to use Rollo May’s term.

         2) Your thoughts can also create new opportunities that do not already exist. This is harder, but possible. By force, (the old way) we can convince and manipulate others into doing things a new way. But that is not the law of attraction at work.

         With thoughts alone, the Law of Attraction does not translate into the Law of Creation. (Actually both of these things are more like Habits than Laws ~ the way Rupert Sheldrake phrases it)

         The Habit of Attraction is:

         1) Opposites Attract ~ “the contrast” to use Abraham Hicks’ phrase ~ also known as Karma ~ also the reason you don’t find the perfect yoga class all at once. (But when you are in “alignment” you do.) Alignment is: thoughts, feelings, emotions in agreement.

         2) Like attracts Like ~ when, and only when, (as Yoda would say) you have moved into the frame of mind where you are transmuting Karma instead of living into it. You always attract it, but it’s how you don’t react to it that counts. Karmic Aikido, for lack of an existing phrase.

        Consciousness (the emergent property of thoughts, feelings and emotions) reverses Entropy.

         Entropy is the primary Law of the inorganic universe (yang).

         Intropy (for lack of an existing word) is the Habit of the conscious aspect of the universe, which reverses entropy.

         Entropy is the principle of shattering a glass ~ chaos from order ~ also the principle of opposites attracting (yang).

         Intropy is self-organization ~ the habit of stars and planets to form ~ the habit of like attracting like (yin).

         When consciousness is in balance ~ thoughts, feelings, emotions (body, speech, mind) in perfect oneness ~ to borrow the Buddhist phrase, then we achieve “Ying” ~ the balance of Yin and Yang.

         The emotional act of living with Ying allows your life to unfold naturally, without forcing, and one will find that the Universe tends to unfold with your best interest in mind. From a conscious perspective, the easiest way to achieve this state of mind (and emotional harmony within yourself) is to set all intentions “for the benefit of all sentient beings.”

         As the Vulcans would say, “simple: logic and emotions in balance.” ~ Left and Right Brain in balance brings us into our “right mind” ~ this is the “Rite of Mind” ~ for lack of an existing term.

         To achieve this state also implies coming to terms (and at peace with) one’s own shadow, as well and not behaving in accordance with the shadow side of cultural conditioning.

         No easy task, but possible.

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