To what degree do our thoughts attract our experiences?

I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon that doesn’t seem to make much logical sense.

When I am feeling good, and noticing I am having happier thoughts, inexplicable things seem to happen. Yesterday, several people messaged me who I would not have expected to have heard from ~ creating more “positive potential.”

It seems to me that being in a happier state of mind somehow attracts “from a distance” other opportunities along the same lines.
It’s as if there’s some kind of principle¬†of attraction (like mind sets attracting like-minded people and events) at play ~ at a non-physical level. I’d even call it a super-conscious level.
It seems to be a property of consciousness that thoughts act like magnets.
More peculiar still, my actions might have had a larger influence on the existence of this particular social event than it would seem.

Ironically, one thing for me that I notice is necessary for my brain health and helping it attract on the non-physical level is having all of my physical needs met. Food, water, shelter, of course, but I mean more physiological too: emotional, physical touch, and being in a state of sexual-emotional nourishment is, honestly, like the “rocket fuel” of “manifestation” I find. That, as well, as as a daily meditation practice to calm balance and center the mind, seems to help as much as eating fresh fruits and vegetables and getting enough physical exercise.

That’s a major reason why, for me, only what I call “Sacred Sexuality” is appropriate to invite in. That doesn’t mean “romantic sexuality” exclusively. To be honest, I find healthy sexuality to be VERY different from our culturally conditioned ideas of it.

Same with life, in general. Our society really has us twisted up in knots.

I think that when we work our regular jobs, or participate in “society as usual,” staying busy in such ways as we do, our consciousness is numbed, atrophied, and the effect I’m describing becomes not only less obvious, but possibly less pronounced.

Much of my days are filled with a lot of “spaceousness” ~ time when I don’t have any specific obligations. That, in itself, is exceptionally rare for people today. Because of work, but also because they simply have lost the capacity to “do nothing” and “sit still.” But it’s what Buddhist Monks do a lot of, and it’s what Aboriginal and Native Peoples did a lot of of, too. It is said hunting and gathering and village life only required 4 hours of “work” per day to meet the needs of the people in the village. The rest of their time was spent more or less in stillness.

So few of us have the “luxury” of doing this today, which is sad. And being one of the only ones I know with the “privilege” of being able to do that, I am noticing more and more and more. It also, though, of course, feels lonlely, as I wonder, “Am I the only one?”

I have become more disciplined about meditating before bed, and in the morning, cultivating the mental muscle to monitor my thoughts and to the best of my ability, keep the negative ones out. That requires quite a bit of concentration, and, just like it’s hard to concentrate if you don’t eat well, meditating in such a way is a challenge when the mind/body/spirit is not nourished in having its social needs met.¬†

It is obvious to me that focusing on maintaining a happy state of mind is essential to me moving forward on my path ~ it must be my number one priority if I am to succeed at attracting and creating “out of thin air” the opportunities needed to become a paid workshop leader and public speaker. Intrinsic to that is an environment of social nourishment, I believe ~ something very worthwhile of devoting resources to.

I’m out on the fringes of society here and trying to “Chip away” at the status quo, influencing individuals to realize and remember what’s important. I feel like this is one of my main purposes in life ~ doing so involved creating my Authentic Relating workshops, NVC/empathy groups, and even cuddle parties.

It’s an energy I felt out west that I feel is wanting to grow here in Kansas City, but is just beginning to take root. I’m feeling like my role here is to help it grow.

I have a massage scheduled with someone willing to work in trade, not money. There is a “gift economy” developing, largely springing out of the “Burning Man” scene, and infiltrating more and more into the daily lives of the more and more people.

Bodywork really helps with keeping the physiological balance in the body.

There is a growing interest and understand that it makes sense to trade for goods and services, and get away from “I give you money for this,” then “you give me money for that.”

It’s obviously an idea the Native Americans understood, and finally is coming back in vogue. That’s another trend I see essential to help encourage if our society has any hope of getting out of this mess.

We have a big mess to get out of as a society.
It’s going to take a lot of what I call “Off the Spectrum” thinking to get us there.

As always, love and welcome your comments and feedback!

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