What is Authentic Relating?

Done well, done in the way our society needs this work, Authentic Relating is not just fun and engaging interpersonal games, but an invitation to explore, in a safe way, the deepest parts of ourselves in a safe community, the parts of ourselves we otherwise have a habit of hiding. The parts of ourselves that are wounded, and holding us back from the lives we really want to be leading. To get to know ourselves, beyond our trauma-informed view of who we think we are. This can be especially tough in the Midwest, where there is a strong amount of cultural and emotional repression ~ more than in other places I have lived. Opening up to yourself can be really scary, emotionally.
I agree with Thomas Hubl that we are all living in a field of “collective trauma.” I didn’t know that before. Maybe none of us does, or realizes the full extent to which that is true. We are all a great deal more traumatized than we realize. Not just by specific childhood traumas (that too), but by social conditioning and the social/emotional environments we were raised in ~ including churches and schools where we were taught misinformation and gaslit for disagreeing, as well as television commercials and media that convinced us we were not good enough unless we purchased products.
The culture we were raised in forced us into keeping up with the fictitious Jones’, and also encouraged bigotry, sexism, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, favored a work-life over a love-life, and the list goes on.
Mr. Rogers is about the only saving grace from the 80s I can think of off the top of my head.
We’re all living in a lot deeper of a trauma-informed worldview than we ever realized. As far as most therapists and life coaches go, it’s the blind leading the blinder. This is troubling. But look around, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I see very few (if any) folks who are actually, truly, legitimately thriving and happy and content with our lives. We all tend to have tendencies to avoid the deeper parts of ourselves and each other. Unconditional Love is a scare resource, Purpose and Meaning rare, and empathy is in atrophy. All of that comes from trauma. It’s not normal, healthy human behavior. All of this is the social and cultural conditions we live in day-to-day.
Authentic Relating Games are more than games. They’re community building and transformational for the type of emotional healing we all need.

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