CALL FOR GUESTS on the Podcast

~Message if you would like to be a guest on the broadcast, or share with anyone you know who might~

This is a podcast dedicated to giving those of us who see the world differently a voice and place to express our unique perspectives, perceptions and observations.

We strive to show what benefits there are in seeing the world differently, thinking along different lines, and seeing the world through a different lense.

Not all minds think alike. Neurodiversity may be as important as biodiversity. We are looking for guests with any form of unique viewpoints, not just those on the autism spectrum ~ anyone with views that are divergent from the status quo.

Questions for Guests:

What is it like to be you, in your own unique way of seeing the world?

How do you believe others see the world which is different from yours?

What is a useful definition, characteristics of “neuro-typical”?

In what ways do you believe that thinking differently is generally regarded as a positive trait?

In what ways do you believe that thinking differently is generally disrespected?

There is a lot of baggage around the terms “Autism” and “Asperger’s.” Is there less baggage around the phrase “on the spectrum?” How would you define “the spectrum of neuro-diversity” beyond those 2 loaded labels.
What is the value of thinking and seeing the world differently?

What is one or a few ways you see that society and culture we live in could change for the better, for the benefit of all sentient beings?

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