No More Snooze Button

I’m not apathetic, and I’m not lazy. But I am groggy. “Waking up” in the spiritual sense feels exactly like my alarm clock going off and not wanting to get out of bed to do some bullshit. But I ain’t bullshitin’. I want to beat that alarm clock with a baseball bat, but there’s no more snooze button. We’ve got to wake up and change our habits. There is Purpose in this work. What one habit can I change in my life today, that may cause me to suffer a little more, but is necessary for the future of the earth? It’s like going on a diet, eating right, we may suffer and be hungry at first, but in the long run, we’ll thank ourselves, be healthier. We’re not “good enough” sorry. We have got to push ourselves harder. Give 3 shits instead of 2 about the world we live in. Even if it means some self-sacrifice. It’s time to wake up. We must change. For Mother Earth. Aho metaquiasin!

Author: positiveenabler

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