Yes, the world’s so-called “elite” need to stop flying private jets and ruling the world with their greed. And, the rest of us need to get out of the victim’s mentality and waiting for government and corporate interests to change. Let’s lead from the middle, let’s lead by example. Let’s change our ways, as individuals. Let’s hold ourselves to more appropriate standards.

My ancestors, Italian immigrants, came through Ellis Island in search of a better life. The life they found here was a struggle from the start, and they lived in the slums of Chicago for 2 1/2 generations. But all the while, there was the very-American, very human, need to build a better life for themselves. That’s very admirable and respectful. I am turning to that kind of inspiration to move forward in my own life now. It’s not easy to muster in this land of complacent mediocrity, where we do what we’re told to earn a paycheck to keep us in the lifestyles to which we are accustomed, all the while blind, deaf and numb to the consequences our lives of irresponsible affluence. I don’t expect my message to be popular, but I do hope some folks out there have the ears to hear it. I don’t want it to rest on blame, shame or guilt. But one way or another, we have got to change our ways. The American way of life is irresponsible and unsustainable. And we have got to mature & grow up as a society. It’s nothing we’ve done; it’s not our fault, but now we know better, and there’s no excuse for not changing our ways, other than willful ignorance.

LET’S DO OUR PART, AS A PART OF THE “MIDDLE CLASS” To quote Ms. Thunberg, “Change is coming, whether we like it or not.”

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